No Planet B LDN Edition Poster.png

Confirmed Line Up:

Zanna @zannavandijk

Immy @sustainably_vegan

Max @eatingwithmax

William @william_can_do

Laura @hetu_uk

RUth @RuthBlakeMusic





What to Expect :

Talks + Panels w/ Q&A's

Vegan Vendors

Zero Waste + Ethical Stalls

Live Acoustic Performances




6.30pm doors open

6.30-7.15pm mingle, browse & eat

7.15-9.15pm talks + panels with Q&A's

9.30-10.30pm Live acoustic music from Ben Hills


  • Laura Boyes / Hetu

War on plastic: The impact of single use plastic and what we can do as individuals to make a real change

  • Max La Manna: 

Zero-Waste Cooking and How To Never Waste Food Again: Utilizing different parts of food that would otherwise been thrown away and make delicious meals with limited ingredients.

  • William / Active Vegans: 

Our two homes: Looking after the health of our bodies and our environment.


  • Zanna Van Dijk with Sustainably Vegan and Max La Manna: 

The importance of social media in influencing positive social change (zero-waste lifestyle) 

Live Performance: 

  • Ruth Blake

  • George Landy