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We aim to make our events as assessable as possible, sharing knowledge through an array of outlets: Live Music, Spoken Word Poetry, Key-note Talks, Workshops and Audience Q&A’s.

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2018 Line-UPS

Keep Cup - OLIOex - OddBox - Toast Ale - Rejuce - Zanna Van Dijk - Max La Manna - Sustainably Vegan - Hetu - Active Vegans - Stand For Humanity - GreenpeaceUK - eXXpedition - Zessoo - Claudia Ayuso - Emma Ross - Earth Wanderess - Acala Online - Beyond Retro - Adrenna London - Plastic Free Israel

No Planet B Event


War On Plastic - Ocean Conservation - Zero Waste Cooking - Health Of Our Bodies And Planet - The Power Of Social Media In Influencing Positive Social Change - The Global Impact Of Food Waste - Sustainable Production - Why Apathy Is Our Biggest Threat To Change - Behavioural Habits And Steps To Sustainable Change - Conscious Consumerism At Christmas

No Planet B Events London Max La Mana
Screen Shot 2018-09-03 at 16.30.36.png
No Planet B Events Panel w/ Zanna Van Dijk

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