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Evelina aka Earth Wanderess is a sustainable conscious living traveller, who like us, wants to spread awareness of sustainable living and encourage individuals AND companies to take responsibility for their everyday actions no matter where you are in the world.

We spoke to Evelina to get to know the many struggles one can experience when trying to live low impact, and also to find out who her top recommendations are for sources of further eco-education. Enjoy!

What first inspired you to travel solo?

It was actually a complete coincidence. I had bought a weekend trip to Girona, Spain to the boyfriend I had at the time but we broke up before the trip so I went alone instead and fell in love with freeing way of exploring new things.

Were you a minimalist before travelling? And what have you found that you can live without?  

I was not a minimalist before I started traveling, however I've never been a materialist either. I think that's thanks to my parents, especially my dad who wouldn't buy something new unless what we had was broken or unfixable. I think I was the last one to get a flat screen TV at home at my school.

I can live without most things to be honest. But here are some things I use all the time:

  • A hair band as I hate having my hair down.

  • A scarf - I can use it as a pretty headband, to keep my ears or neck warm, eye mask, towel or tissue.

  • My phone as it is where I do most of my work, where I keep my tickets, calendar and as a clock.

  • Notebook with a pen - I love making lists and writing down things by hand.

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What values do you live by? And how has this reflected your style of travel?

Vegan (first for the animals but then also for the environment)

I love trying new foods and I want to support vegan restaurants and companies where I travel, so I tend to eat out much more when there are vegan restaurants or cafés where I visit.

Fair trade: I try to buy all my products from companies that have ethical and sustainable production processes, which usually comes in the form or buying something directly from a local artisan in the place that I am in.

Equality: No matter what sex, race, class, sexual orientation, physical or mental health you have, I want to live in a world where that does not matter. So I like to shred stereotypes apart, and showcase local people's authentic typical lives. I often get more of an insight into the local lifestyle by couch-surfing and making friends with locals.  

Environment: Caring for the environment made me stop flying as soon as I saw how extremely damaging it was to environment, in numbers. My aim is to live a life with very low impact and support climate change through compensating organisations planting trees; accounting for the impact that we have as a result of the food we eat, our daily consumption, transportation (buses, trains, car sharing), water and electricity usage etc.

If you could change one thing in society/the world now what would it be?

That we stop living like everything is disposable and replaceable as if we had endless resources. Whether it's clothes, friendships, food or natural resources. I wish we respected and valued what we have.

We always love to learn more and meet inspiring people, what should we be watching (film/doc), reading (book/blog) and/or following (on insta) right now?

Green fashion

  • Kristen Leo, Youtube

  • My Green Closet, Youtube

Sustainability/low waste on Instagram

  • @sustainably_vegan (also on Youtube)

  • @lowimpactmovement

  • @Shelbizleee (also on Youtube)

  • @1millionwomen

  • @mariorigby

Another all time favourite is about equality, diversity, learning about privilege and other hard topics run by a girl named Kiona. Following her makes me a better and more understanding human being and ally:



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