Emma Ross aka MamaLinaUK is a low waste mama of 2 living slowly and sustainably showing us all how to tread lightly on the planet, even if you have a family to look after!

Please could you tell us a little about yourself and your mission through MamaLinaUK? 

I'm a London based mum of 2 little boys and I'm on a mission to make low waste, plastic free parenting mainstream and accessible to every single parent

With you being an advocate for slow and sustainable parenting, what would be your top tips to any new parent, aunty or uncle wanting to create a low impact family environment? 

Get the kids involved and educate them along the way so they start to understand when and why you live like this. It's also great way to entertain them - ever seen how much fun it is for a kid to go around a supermarket with their own little canvas bag choosing only plastic free fruit and veg? Or what about making oat milk together? Or composting? Or litter picking? All really sustainable parenting activities that the kids love too.


What are the challenges you face daily with sustainable parenting? And how do you overcome them? 

Being just that bit organised when you're rrrreally tired. Having had not much sleep with a toddler who wakes at 6.45am, sometimes the idea of washing out all the reusables to head out for the day feels like hard work. Hence why I always advise people to wash everything out as soon as you're home ! Also - if I'm allowed another challenge (!) - being OK with being a bit different - the only mum using cloth wipes and cloth nappies and any parents who think you're the weird hippy one in the corner.

You have just released a very informative low impact Christmas Guide. For those that don't know, please could you give us an overview of how wasteful Christmas can be, and provide some tips on how we can all be more mindful this year. 

Sure. In a nutshell, there are many wonderful and meaningful rituals associated with Christmas but it’s also come to be a period synonymous with pressure, excessive consumption and waste. In fact, an alarming 30% more rubbish is produced during the festive Season, and given that each year we dump a massive 2.12 billion tonnes of waste, that's a problem. So I put together a campaign, called  'Seasons Greentings', which launched on November 1st and is all about respecting Earth’s natural resources and celebrating. It's aiming to reframe our approach to traditional Festive celebrations and to offer a different, less wasteful approach to traditional festive celebrations. Each week focuses on a different theme, and there's a 30 page downloadable guide to accompany the campaign. So far, the response has been overwhelming - it's very exciting!



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