Claudia Ayuso is a Writer, Presenter and all-round Environmentalist! And soon will be releasing a fantastic podcast series, talking to the minds that are shaping the world today. People that put the health of the planet at the core of their businesses and platforms.

Please could you tell us a little about yourself and your mission as an environmentalist? 

I always say I became an environmentalist by accident, but looking back it may have not been so accidental.

My mum's side of the family is from South America, a country called Uruguay, so when I was little I used to go visit them and spend the summer in a village that my mum loved as a kid. Back in the day, this village had barely any running water or electricity, streets were full of handcrafts from the villagers, everyone walked around barefoot and apparently I loved it! I can't remember but my mum tells me that one day I came up to her barefoot (of course) with a cloth tied up at the end of a stick and said 'These people know how to live life.'  

From a very young age, I've known what being in connection with the Earth means. It's not just a cold, dead piece of rock. It's alive, it keeps us safe and it is our home. So it is our duty to treat her with love and respect. We've only got one. No planet B, folks. 

Your book 'Flammae: Listen to the Signs’, is a spiritual exploration of the concept of being one with the planet, and working together to thrive for good. Please, could you briefly expand on this concept? And share with us why you set out to write this book? 

I believe in the power of stories, I think they are our best tool to awaken any kind of emotion in someone, to pass on knowledge and to learn new information. My two dreams growing up were to write a book and become an actor, only now I realise those are my favourite ways of storytelling (I wish I could sing and not smash all the glasses in the room).

The year 2015 was a breakthrough for me, I started to feel an unbelievable connection with the world around me (humans, plants, animals, the planet) and I wanted to share it. That's why I wrote 'Flammae: Listen to the Signs' because I believe there's more than meets the eye and science is starting to agree. Flammae is a book about a spiritual journey with Quantum Physics as a companion, and a love story that pushes the fabric of reality. 

With Christmas soon approaching and consumerism at it’s highest throughout the year, what would your top 3 tips be for someone wanting to have a low impact Christmas? 

  • Give experiences, not items! - For me, spending quality time with a friend or family member is way more valuable than receiving a new face-brush.

  • Be original with wrapping paper! - There's no need to buy all those glittery, plasticky wrapping papers with a lifespan of 10 seconds if you're a ripper like me... Find boxes from previous presents, old newspapers (free newspapers), unwanted pieces of clothing, or even better... hide the present and organise a treasure hunt, that'll be your wrapping paper!

  • Less is more - instead of buying a trillion tiny presents, why don't you invest in a good quality gift that will last more than one Christmas? Some research on ethical brands might be required, but you have now something to tell the receiver of the gift and, let me tell you, we all LOVE added value to our presents.


Through being the environmentalist that you are, working with Greenpeace Spain and other organisations, what would you say is the best way someone else can be an advocate for sustainable, ethical living? 

I've had many conversations with Greenpeace campaigners and all sort of activists in the world, and what I've learnt is we can't be perfect. The world is not designed for it yet and, certainly, humans are not designed for it either. 

My best advice is to get to know yourself and which fight that makes your flame burn brighter. I went vegan because I couldn't believe the impact the farming industry has on our ecosystems and the environment. This doesn't change the fact that I utterly despise the torture and slaughtering, but my voice might sound louder when talking about the health of our planet.

I read, listen and watch as much as I can to educate myself and know what's going on in the world, and I do my absolute best to live up to my values. But some days are harder than the others and we cannot beat ourselves up for not being able to choose better. I repeat, the world is not designed for it yet. I uploaded an IGTV called 'Fear of Judgement' precisely on this topic.

We are human beings, we thrive in a community because each one of us has a purpose, a calling, a passion. Whether it is fashion, food, animals, energy, the wellbeing of our planet or human rights, there's always someone who will be taking care of something you didn't manage to accomplish today. That makes us stronger. celebrate individuality, embrace community.

Big Love,

Claudia x


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