Fast Fashion vs Vintage

On Saturday 27th April we’re taking over Beyond Retro Shoreditch Store for an evening of talks, music and panel discussions in celebration of Fashion Revolution Week. We’re pleased to announce that Beyond Retro will be joining our ethical fashion panel.

We thought we’d catch up with them beforehand. Enjoy!

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Please could you tell us a little bit about Beyond Retro and how you’re contributing to the slow fashion movement?

Beyond Retro is all about inspiring individuality through sustainable fashion. By offering a huge range of handpicked, curated pieces from every era, from style staples to bold pieces, we can encourage a myriad of customers, from fashion forward teens to quality conscious discerning shoppers, to shop secondhand. We make sustainable fashion fun, and crucially, affordable, giving customers a chance to add more sustainable options into their wardrobe without sacrificing their budget or their unique style and creativity. We pride ourselves in offering something for everyone, and our show stopping stores make people feel positive about their conscious consumer choices.

Why should we shop vintage vs new clothing?

Vintage pieces offer the chance to be unique, you can find a one-off wonder that fits your personality and look, whilst saving something from landfill. Its the ultimate example of the potential of a circular economy, there are millions of pieces that with a little creativity, can have a new home in someone else's life. Plus, the quality and detail of vintage clothing is what inspires the catwalks and high street trends today, so why not buy the original!


Can you offer 3 top tips for someone wanting to make more ethical fashion choices?

1) Shop vintage/secondhand

Whether its popping into vintage shops, looking at your local charity shops or browsing ebay and depop, theres a lot of incredible preloved pieces out there that could be perfect for you. Your whole wardrobe doesn't have to be second hand over night, but every little helps!

2) Educate yourself on what you're buying

Think about who made your clothes. Was it ethically made? Were was the material sourced from? There are plenty of exciting sustainable brands out there making incredible pieces, and plenty of high street brands are also making the effort to make more conscious collections, so there's lots of options to suit everyone.

3) Rework what you've got.

If you're bored of a piece in your wardrobe or its getting a little old and tired, try reworking it in some way. Get a little crafty yourself or pop to the tailor, but you can extend the life of clothes through simple fixes, or upcycle the material into something completely new!


Please could you tell us about your reclaimed ranges and how industry steps like this are helping the environment?

Our trained pickers have a high standard and only pick 1 out of 1000 pieces for our shop floor. We wanted to find an answer to the other 999, and so created our reworked LABEL collection. Pieces that aren't fit to be sold but still have incredible potential, we inject a little innovation to upcycle and remake them into something fresh and on trend. It saves yet more pieces from landfill, and contributes further to a circular economy, creating desirable items from discarded ones.

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Maudie Johnson